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Rocksolid webhosting:
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The perfect hostingplatform
We are using a highend cluster platform from Sun Microsystems and the best Virtualisation-software on the market from VMWare.

Cluster server architecture
Our cluster architecture has many benefits for the end-user, but these are the 2 key-benefits:

- High Availability:
With this architecture a server or a hard disk can crash without anything goes offline because the servers and harddiscs share the load.

- High Performance:
A cluster architecture can scale instantly, and has a better use of the resources.

Our hostingfacilities in Odense is geographical redundant because it is located in the center of Denmark and there is fibers connected from multiple sides.
Our hostingfacilities UPS and generator on all systems.

Blade Servers
Cluster Storage
Fire protection
Server room
Power generator
Power UPS